Some advice when you go shopping

Shopping before renovating one’s apartment can be fun and exciting, but also tiring. You’ll be spending many hours walking around shops that sell tiles, sanitary ware, lamps and all that’s necessary to create your dream house. Luckily, nowadays in Israel, you can find everything, from locally produced materials to imported materials. Although this is good, it also makes searching more complicated, especially for the inexperienced buyer. To make things easier and more pleasant, here are some suggestions: 1. Be prepared! Spend at least a couple of hours doing preliminary research. If you are working alone, without the help of an architect, flip through relevant magazines, cut out pictures of

Beautiful, healthy and energy-efficient rooms!

Before fantasising about the furniture and colors of our children’s room, it’s very important to stop and make sure that the room is healthy for the child, efficient and that it respects the environment, and also that it’s cost-effective for parents! The first step to take is to choose which room to designate for the children among the rooms available in our apartment. It’s advisable to choose rooms with windows facing the south because in winter they warm up naturally and efficiently. In summer instead, the warmest sun rays will reach the rooms facing west, so it’s not a problem for the windows facing south. Moreover, if possible, you should choose windows facing opposite directions to allo

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