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Eight things to check before you hire a contractor in Israel!


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This short ebook will show you how to understand BEFORE you start the renovation if the contractor is honest and qualified so that the renovation will be an enjoyable experience and not just a stressful one.

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My name is Debby Schor Elyasy

I was born in Italy, I studied architecture at Politecnico of Milan (Italy)

and I finished my studies with honor.

I fulfilled my childhood dream and immigrated to Israel in 2004. 

Upon arrival, I experienced the frustration and insecurity that you feel when you do not have mastery of the language or a full understanding of the local culture and mentality. 

Over time and thanks to my work as an architect,

I have come to understand the nuances of the mentality, the language, and the building market.

And today, I feel like an Israeli despite being born in Italy, so it is important for me to bridge that gap 

and help you realize your dream of having a home in Israel.


We had been talking about renovating our kitchen for the longest time.

I reached out to Debby because I had seen her videos and comments on Facebook

and I felt good about the fact that she spoke and understood English and the “oleh” mentality and she seemed very organized.

I loved Debby's plan.

It really included everything I wanted and it ended up being executed with very few changes

Debby was very confident about what could and couldn’t be done,

and was able to explain to me anything the contractor or carpenter was trying to tell me that I couldn’t conceptualize on my own.

We went shopping together and even if doing extra legwork myself

might have saved me a little money,

I was happy for Debby to take me to places

where I knew I would get quality materials

and that she could intercede for me easily if there were any problems.

All the people directly involved in the renovation were very professional.

All of Debby’s people always came on the days they said they would, were generally on time, and were always able to figure out solutions for those things that unexpectedly come up, which always happens.

And the result is terrific.


"Dearest Deborah,

I am very happy to have chosen to work with you because, in addition to being absolutely professional, you are extremely precise, punctual and responsible.

I highly appreciated the fact that even though you don’t always agree with the client, you listen and try to find out his desires. The company you work with seems competent and helpful, further to being remarkably friendly.

Thank you for everything!”

Manuela Cantoni

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