Accessibility project: substituting the bathtub with a floor-level sho
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Accessibility project: substituting the bathtub with a floor-level shower

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

If the bathroom is equipped with just one bathtub, and it needs to become accessible, this can be done without having to renovate the whole room.

It will be enough to remove the bathtub, redo the part of the wall that was covered by the bathtub and pave the floor with the appropriate slopes, to guarantee the smooth flowing of water.

It will also be good to foresee the height of the mixer faucet and the showerhead so that they can be used comfortably while both sitting and standing.

In these cases, a shower box with a folding accordion door is the most comfortable. It can be opened towards the inside as well as the outside, and if left open, the room will be wider.

In the fortunate case where there is neither a sink nor any sanitary ware next to the bathtub, the shower box can be larger than the area occupied by the tub (70 cm).

It’s advisable to pay particular attention when choosing the new tiles.

In the project which I am showing you, I chose to create a contrast with prior tiles, and I chose a brown and red glass mosaic for the wall, and brown paving for the floor.

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Here you can see some pictures of a renewed bathroom:



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