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Three rooms for three kids - Renovation in Jerusalem - day no.3

Today I am going to show how the works of the small project are going on.

It's a small job, but very sweet.

It's a room for twin girls that till now have been living together and now each one will have her own room and a very nice basement for their older brother.

This is the last stage of my work with olim hadashim and people living abroad who don’t know the Israeli mentality and the language and want to renovate or to build in Israel SAFELY.

Finally, everything is ready and the renovation works can start! During this phase is very important to check the contractor (supervision of the site during the renovation): 🛠️ I will check that the contractor will perform the work according to the plan you have approved and that he works well. I will visit the apartment at least twice a week, depending on the stage of the work.

🛠️I will be in close contact with the contractor to provide an immediate response to any questions or doubts they may have.

🛠️There will be no need for you to visit the apartment during the renovation.

🛠️ I will go to the apartment every time the goods arrive to check that everything is correct, matches the order, and arrives in the right quantities. If necessary, I am responsible for substitutions or completions.

🛠️To ensure that we do not exceed the timetables we set, I will build out a detailed work plan with the contractor, and I will check at the end of each week if the contractor has completed the expected work. I also keep in touch with the suppliers and check that the goods are delivered on time throughout the entire process.

🛠️ I will manage access to the apartment for the various professionals who are not directly related to the contractor, such as the carpenter or the windows technician.

🛠️ After every visit to the apartment, I will track everything in a Google Drive file with pictures, comments, and summary of the inspection. You will have access to the file at all times, so you are updated in real time on the renovation’s progress.

The service I offer includes ️Planning and designing your apartment in Israel from the initial planning stages until moving day, I specialize in working with new Olim (families that recently moved to Israel) and foreigners who have bought an apartment or a house in Israel, Italian or English speaking.

🥇I work only with experienced, reliable, and honest professionals, so you can completely relax throughout the renovation process. ⭐For more details and to schedule an appointment, click here:


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