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Voices from the Field - Renovation Insights with Avi Booganim

Hi everyone,

I am here again with a new host who will give tips to people who think to make Alyia to renovate an apartment in Israel.

This week, I invited Avi Booganim, a 30-year veteran in the Israeli construction scene. In this interview Avi shares insights on the current challenges, emphasizing practical tips over sales pitches.

In the past 50 days, we've found ourselves in the midst of a war, causing construction sites to shut down due to a shortage of local workers. Despite the challenges, I'd like to share insights for those considering renovations or construction, focusing on value rather than just sales.

- Except for Turkey, from which imports were stopped due to her relations with Israel, we have no delay in foreign orders.

- Prices are currently quite attractive due to the circumstances, and we've increased discounts on all our products.

Today, I can offer substantial discounts ranging from 60% to 40% on everything in our store. Utilizing these discounts during your renovation journey can result in significant savings.

For those considering placing an order:

Orders over 20,000 ₪ will enjoy free delivery

I'm available for free consultations via video calls or Zoom, offering guidance throughout the process.

Notably, merchandise can be stored in our warehouse, if desired, until the work is completed, at no additional cost.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email at or by phone at 0526444104.


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