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DEBBY SCHOR ELYASY - Green Architecture and Interior Design

My name is Debby, nice to meet you!

My name is Deborah Schor Elyasy, I was born in Milan in 1976,

and I graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 2002,

with a degree in Architecture, with honors,

presenting a project thesis on bioclimatic architecture in the Negev desert.


I carried out my apprenticeship at design firms in Milan, Barcelona, and Jerusalem.

I opened my own studio in Jerusalem in 2009,

and I am duly registered at the Architects Association in Israel (license n. 117947)

and I am certified by the Standard Institution of Israel to accompany green building.

I deal with the planning of houses, shops, apartments and


I assist my clients from the initial planning stage until the end of the project,

including the tiniest details to make the renovation and construction of a house in Israel,

a simple and enjoyable experience.



The basis of my design concept is grounded in the client’s needs while
integrating ecological considerations of coordinating the building with


the environment from the perspective of climate,

airflow directions, the direction of sunlight, breezes, and integration with the environment. 


During planning, great emphasis is given to saving energy

by protecting the “envelope” of the house from changes in weather conditions,

capturing solar energy for passively heating the home’s spaces,

taking advantage of air flow to cool the home, shading entrances, and more.


My clients are mainly non-Israelis (speaking Italian, English, and Spanish). 

They appreciate my style and my Italian aesthetic,

with an emphasis on precise execution along with our shared language.

I believe in integrating the client in the planning process

to realize the client’s needs and dreams

through shared interaction towards discovering the style that best suits him or her.


I would love to be in touch:

Debby Schor Elyasy

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