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Are you about to buy a property "on paper" in Israel, but you don’t know if it is the right one for you?


Buying a property in a building under construction can be very risky.

It is essential to have an expert who follows you and helps you.


I will check the property for you,

and I will give you a clear vision of its real situation

so that you will be able to decide whether or not to buy it.

Consultation before buying a property "on paper" in Israel

for clients who live abroad, who speak Italian or English,

and new immigrants

who are about to purchase an apartment on paper.


The consultation package includes:

1. A meeting to discuss your needs

The purpose of this phase is to see if the apartment is suitable for you and if it responds to your requirements.


  • A couple of days before the meeting, I will send you a questionnaire to understand your requirements and your dreams for the new property.

  • Before the meeting, I will analyze your answers and I will look at the plan of the apartment you want to buy and check that the property is suitable for you.

  • We will meet online.

  • We will go through your answers to the questionnaire.


  • We will discuss your budget.



2. Analysis of the specification sheet (mifrat techni) and management of changes with the company 

The purpose of this phase is to analyze the "mifrat techni" in all its parts. Check the quality of the proposed items and, where necessary, suggest changes and improvements.

  • I will read the specification sheet provided by the firm and check if it is thorough enough, serious, and offers a high-quality level of materials and finishing.​​

  • After reading the specification sheet, I will write down comments and suggestions for changes and upgrades that I think will be appropriate. 

  • We will meet online and I will explain everything to you so that you know what you are going to buy. I will possibly speak also with your lawyer.

  • In certain cases, after analyzing the "mifrat" and speaking with the lawyer, I may suggest you not buy the apartment.


The Mifrat is a  30/35 page document where the seller writes:

the description of the apartment, the materials used, the finishing you can choose, the value and the quality of the finishing, the shops where you can select them, the refund you will receive in case you will prefer to make upgrades, and so on.

From the Mifrat, you will understand not only the quality of the apartment but also if the firm is serious and trustable.

Nice to meet you!
My name is Debby Schor Elyasy.

I fulfilled my childhood dream and immigrated to Israel in 2004.
I experienced the frustration of insecurity that you feel when you do not control the language and still do not understand the local culture and mentality. Therefore, now that I feel like an Israeli despite being born in Italy, it is important for me to help you realize your dream of having an apartment or a house in Israel.

I am an Italian-Israeli architect with experience in architecture, interior design and green building in architecture offices in Barcelona, ​​Milan, and Jerusalem.

I have an Israeli license in architecture (License No. 117947). My office, existing since 2009, deals with the planning of private homes, luxury apartments, offices, etc., starting with the initial planning stages to the small details, including handling licensing procedures.


In recent years, I have helped with success dozens of customers from Israel and from abroad planning their home in Israel.
I will be honored to accompany you in the process of planning, designing and renovating your apartment in Israel.

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“ When we first decided to buy an apartment on paper,  we didn't realize how different the experience would be than buying a home in the United States.

What is included in the apartment plan in Israel is very basic and really needs an experienced person to thoroughly review the mifrat, (technical specifications) and help make changes that would better suit your needs.

Had we not done so, we would have only realized later all the changes we would have wanted to make. And at that point, it would have been much more expensive and complicated to do so.

Debby obtained a lot of improvements in the "mifrat", like:

  • better flooring options;

  • the option of moving walls without being charged extra (and making sure it was corrected when they accidentally did charge us for these changes);

  • she negotiated for more credit for our kitchen than they offered initially.

Debby has been a source of excellent advice, and she has been very patient with all of our questions along the way! 

Elana Pepper Maroof, New York

Book your consultation package

for 2580* NIS

To book your consultation package, or to check if this consultation is what you are looking for, 

fill the form and I will be back to you soon:

Thanks! Message sent.

Mobile: 052-6452002

* The payment will be done in advance.

“ Debby explained us many important details we weren't aware of, read the technical specification sheet of the apartment with much accuracy...

My husband and I were interested in a project on paper of an apartment in Israel.

We have been very positively impressed by the great job Debby did for us.

Debby explained us many important details we weren't aware of, read the technical specification sheet of the apartment with much accuracy, and was able to outline the main issues to address.

Debby was fast in answering any question we arose, smart in giving advice, and absolutely very helpful along the whole period we have been in touch.

Eventually, for several reasons, we decided not to buy the above-mentioned apartment, but no doubt that God Willing, as soon as we find the right house for us, we will contact Debby again.


Micol, Paris

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