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Are you dreaming of a nice and comfortable house,
but you have no idea about how to do that in Israel?

Have you purchased a plot of land and are you about to build your dream home?


  • Do you have no idea of the Israeli bureaucracy and are you scared about that?

  • Don't you even know where to start the process?

  • Do you want a house both practical and aesthetic?

  • Is it essential that your house is built with high-quality materials and high-quality external finishes, but you don't know where to find them in Israel?

  • Would you like an environmentally friendly and energy efficient home?

  • Are you wondering about how to fulfill the desires of every family member?

  • Abroad everything was under control, but here in Israel, do you feel lost?



  • knows the Israeli building world 

  • understands the needs and the language of new Olim

  • has experience in green building


I'm here to help you!


  • I understand your needs, both language-wise and culture-wise.

  • After years of experience in Israel, I'm capable of navigating the mazes of the building world. 

  • I will help you finding the right style for your house so that every family member will feel at home

  • I will take care of everything needed to receive the building permit.

  • Your house will be built with quality materials, will be environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

  • I will connect you with reliable contractors and sellers.

  • I will accompany you from the beginning of the design process till your finished home.

  • I take care of EVERYTHING, including the interior design of your home, so you won't need to hire an interior designer

  • I will help you managing your budget



How is the planning process carried out?


Preliminary project:

The goal of this stage is to create a clear vision of your new house. At the end of the stage, you will be able to see the precise organization of the house. Colors, materials, and furniture will be chosen to create harmony and to create a pleasant atmosphere in the space. You will receive a package of drawings with plans, ideas, and advice for style, colors, and materials. We will also check the energy performance of the house and you will receive schemes and bioclimatic calculations.


Some samples...


Building permit: I manage everything needed at this stage to obtain all of the required permissions.

You will need to hire an engineer and a surveyor.


Working plans

This stage's goal is to "translate" the sketches of stage one into precise plans, so that the contractor will be able to build your house according to these plans. You will receive a package of working plans, together with the list of the works to be done.


I will prepare a set of working designs and I will assist you with the research and selection of the contractor that will execute the work.


This stage includes:

- Construction plans

- General electricity plan

- Water points plan

- Kitchen detailed views and plans for the carpenter

- Full wall elevations and floor plans of the bathrooms

- Ceiling plan

- Plaster niches and furniture details, if necessary

- Doors and windows lists with measures

- Package for quotation (List of the work to be done which will match the drawings and give proper amounts of purchases and a list for the contractor to price the job accordingly.)


Some samples...

Advice for choosing materials, sanitary, kitchen, and furniture

In this stage we will go shopping and look for quality materials which will fit the style you love, according to your budget.


In case the client lives abroad, I go shopping and send pictures and estimates of what I see and what I think will be suitable for the project.

Inspection of the works:  supervision of the construction work

The goal of this stage is to check the contractor and to assure that the work is done according to the working plans.

What next?

  • Contact me to schedule a first consultation appointment!

  • We will look together at the plot's plan and we will discuss your dreams and needs

  • After the meeting, I will send you a detailed proposal for all the design process.


Please contact me to schedule an appointment:

+972/52/6452002 -

Thanks! Message sent.

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