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Have you started to plan your home with an architect who does not specialize in green building?

It's never too late…

I will help your architect adapt the project to the principles of green building and make your house environmentally and economically friendly.

"Green consultation"

to help your architect in planning your green and bioclimatic home in Israel.

How does it work?

1. Study and analysis of the plot 

I will study the plot and its characteristic to get a guideline for the design of your energy efficient house and I will give precise instructions to your architect.


  •  I will contact your architect to introduce myself and to set up an efficient way of cooperation.


  •  I will visit the plot to examine its aspects (slope, wind directions, the environment around the plot, vegetation, etc.) and to see how they will influence the future shape and position of the house.


  •   We will meet (face to face or via Skype) to discuss your needs and requirements for your new house.


  •   I will prepare schemes and sketches after studying the climatic characteristic of the plot like topography, winds, solar radiation, the presence of elements which obstruct natural light and sun.


  •  I will write a report for the architect with all the instructions needed to design your home according to bioclimatic/green principles so that your home will be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


  •  I will meet you (face to face or via Skype) and explain to you the above report, schemes, and calculations.


  • I will send all the materials to the architect, and if needed, I will meet him/her to go over the instructions together.



Green building in Israel
green building in Israel

After receiving the report and the schemes,

the architect will start working on the plan for your house.

During this period,

they can contact me to ask me questions regarding the bioclimatic aspects of the project.

2. Checking the plans

After the architect finishes planning your house, I will check the plans to verify that the house can enjoy the natural solar radiation to improve the heating during the winter, it is protected from the sun during the summer, and it is well insulated and waterproofed.


  • Usually, architects give the clients two different design options. I will check both of them.


  •  I will build a 3d model for each option, and I will calculate shadows, sun incidence through the different windows and natural ventilation (model will evaluate that entire year taking into consideration environmental conditions at different hours of the day). 


  • If necessary, I will suggest changes.


  • I will give you advice on green building materials (It is critical to choose the materials from which the house will be built, regarding the quality of the thermal and acoustic insulation achieved, and regarding protecting the residents' and the environment’s health).


  •  I will give you advice for efficient heating, cooling, and water systems.


  •  I will draw essential green details such as the roof and walls sections. These details are essential to guarantee that the building is well sealed and insulated.


  •  During this phase, we can meet together with the architect twice.


green building in Israel - green consultation

You're also getting:

One hour consultation  on the phone or Skype.

Nice to meet you!
My name is Debby Schor Elyasy.

I fulfilled my childhood dream and immigrated to Israel in 2004.

I was first exposed to the exciting concept of green architecture while I was still a student of architecture in Italy.  I realized that if we want to pass on a better world for the coming generations, we must try to conserve it as well as possible. 

I am an Italian-Israeli architect with experience in architecture, interior design and green building in architecture offices in Barcelona, Milan, and Jerusalem.

I have an Israeli license in architecture (License No. 117947). My office, existing since 2009, deals with the planning of private homes, luxury apartments, offices, etc., starting with the initial planning stages to the small details, including handling licensing procedures.


In the recent years, I have helped with success dozens of customers from Israel and from abroad planning their home in Israel.
I will be honored to help you fulfill your dream green home in Israel.

How do we move forward?

  • Please, send me an email with the following information:


- Plot location


- Description and general dimension of the future house


- Stage of the design (Did your architect already started to plan?)


- In case you have plans and pictures of the plot, attach them to the email.



  • I will prepare you an estimate and be in touch with you.

  • Email:
    Mobile: 052-6452002

Debby Schor Elyasy - renovation in Israel
  • What if your taste is different from my taste?
    I believe that the house should serve the client. The client is the one who should feel comfortable and happy, not me. So it is important to me that the client be involved in the planning process from start to finish. It is essential for me to understand what is the client's favourite style and how they like to live their lives. My job is to help my client make their dream a reality. I do not plan based on one specific style I like; I choose and adapt the project's style to the particular customer according to their taste.
  • Are you an architect or an interior designer? What is the difference?
    I am an architect, and this means that I can work both in the design of new buildings and in interior design. If a building permit is needed, I can handle the process without splitting the process between many people. An interior designer can only design what is inside the house. And they are not authorized to issue building permits.
  • I only need to design a small part of the apartment (could be a kitchen and living room, or bathrooms). Is that possible?
    In most cases, yes. I suggest you contact me so that we can evaluate your situation.
  • Do I need to come to Israel to work with you to develop the plans and go to choose materials?
    If you are not available to come to Israel, I can take care of everything for you and manage the entire process online.
  • We are thinking of buying an apartment in a building under construction, can you help us with the the changes we wish to do to the plan and follow the works?
    Of course! I will be happy to help you make the necessary changes, to follow you throughout the design process and to represent your interests with the contractor.
  • Debby, it looks too beautiful to be true ..."
    Right! It sounds ideal! And sometimes there are failures, but I'm here to solve them and help you (as you can see in Brigitte's testimony below).

To schedule a phone call, contact me:

Thanks! Message sent.

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