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Are you about to buy a property in Israel,

but you don’t know if it is the right one for you?

I have been working and living in Israel for many years,

and I can see details that only the professional eye of an architect can spot.


I will check the property for you,

and I will give you a clear vision of its real situation

so that you will be able to decide whether or not to buy it.

Consultation before buying a property in Israel

for clients who live abroad, those who speak Italian or English,

and new immigrants

who are about to purchase a plot, a second-hand apartment,

or an apartment on paper.


The consultation before the purchase includes:

1. A meeting at the property


  • We will meet at the property you are interested in buying.

  • You will tell me what your needs, requirements, and dreams are.


  • We will discuss your budget.

  • I will have a look at the property, check the details, and take pictures so that I can ensure that the property is suitable for you.


  • Afterward, I will carry out all of the necessary inspections and will hand over a detailed report.

  • If you live abroad, we can meet via Whatsapp Video when I am at the property.



property in Israel - consultation before buying a property

Depending on the property,

I will find answers to the following questions:

 Buying an apartment

or a second-hand house:

  • If there are balconies or elevators added after the building construction, I will check to verify that they have been constructed as per standard planning permit.


  • In case the real estate agent promised that there is the possibility to make further additions,

      I will check with the local municipality to              verify if that it is actually a possibility.


  • I will calculate the costs to make changes in the house.


  • I will check which walls we can eventually demolish.


Debby Scho Elyasy - renovation in Israel

Buying a plot of land:

  • I will visit the plot and analyze the surveyor plan, and I will verify if the area’s topography is suitable for building the house you desire.


  • I will read the urban development plan and see if any local restrictions could influence the building shape.


  • I will check the following data: what is the maximum construction allowed, how many floors can the house have? What other limits does the urban development plan impose?


  • I will check if the plot’s shape and layout allow for the construction of a house, according to the bioclimatic architecture’s principles (that it respects the environment and guarantees energy saving as well as cost saving).


property in Israel - consultation before buying a property

Nice to meet you!
My name is Debbie Schor Elyasy.

I fulfilled my childhood dream and immigrated to Israel in 2004.
I experienced the frustration of insecurity that you feel when you do not control the language and still do not understand the local culture and mentality. Therefore, now that I feel like an Israeli despite being born in Italy, it is important for me to help you realize your dream of having an apartment or a house in Israel.

I am an Italian-Israeli architect with experience in architecture, interior design and green building in architecture offices in Barcelona, ​​Milan, and Jerusalem.

I have an Israeli license in architecture (License No. 117947). My office, existing since 2009, deals with the planning of private homes, luxury apartments, offices, etc., starting with the initial planning stages to the small details, including handling licensing procedures.


In the recent years, I have helped with success dozens of customers from Israel and from abroad planning their home in Israel.
I will be honored to accompany you in the process of planning, designing and renovating your apartment in Israel.

Book your consultation for 1400* NIS

To book your consultation, feel the form and I will be back to you soon:

Thanks! Message sent.

Mobile: 052-6452002

* The payment will be done in advance.

You can pay by credit card or with a money transfer.

* The prices are intended for apartments located in the Jerusalem area. For consultation in the Central area of the Country, there will be an extra charge of 200 NIS

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"Without your help, I do not know if I would have bought the apartment"

Hi Debby, we wanted to thank you so much for going to the apartment a few times, checking in, fighting for us.

I really, really appreciated it.

Without your help, I do not know if I would have bought the apartment, some things would not have been done, the process would have taken longer.

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you personally

I am very grateful, and I wish you all the best!

Abigail Nordmann, Basel

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