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Consultation before buying a property

Before buying a house, an apartment or land, there are various factors that need to be checked in order to avoid facing unpleasant compromises afterward and to avoid paying unforeseen expenses.

Often, even after having seen the property, there will be details that only the professional eyes of an architect will be able to spot. Therefore, it is essential to seek help from an architect who will check fundamental details for you.​

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Apartment Renovation

Are you about to renovate an apartment in Israel

and you don’t know the Israeli mentality and the language?


It's great you landed here,

since I have been working and living in Israel for many years, I am fully conversant with the mentality, the language, and the market.

I will plan, design and manage the entire process of renovating the apartment for you, with experience, reliable and honest professionals, so you can completely relax all the way.

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Planning and Design of Villas

If you bought a plot of land and are about to build a house for you and your family, it’s certainly important that your house is practical, aesthetic, built with high-quality materials and high-quality external finishes.

​​Last but not least...

During the construction process, you’ll want to feel safe...

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Quick renovation program

Do you want to renovate just one room in your home,

but you don't know how to do that or where to start?


In only one day, we will plan and design one space in your home.

I will design a new layout for the room and give you all the information

you need to carry out the work with reliable and honest professionals. 

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