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An original birthday gift

Her husband hid me in the balcony, and despite that, she was so happy to discover me there!

…infact, I was her birthday gift!


Are you fed up with spending a lot of money on a gift 

and seeing your wife disappointed?

If she dreams of creating a beautiful and relaxing corner at home,

but she doesn't know how to do that, I will come and help her

to fulfill her dream!

Here is how it works:

I come to your home, and I meet her!

First, I gave her a questioner to know her wishes and dreams.

When she works on it, I measured the space.

Then we talk about her dreams and needs based on the questioner.

We look together on some inspiration pictures and palette

and then I start to give her ideas and advice.

I send her, some days after, a report with some sketches,

information about shops, materials, colors, handymen and even more ideas!

So she receives all the information needed

to start to renew her space and create her beloved corner!

If you also want to surprise your wife with an original gift*,

give me a call (052/6452002)

or  write me at

She will surely appreciate it and remember it for many many years.


*The "birthday gift advice" can improve any space in your home.

Debby Schor Elyasy

Green Architecture and Interior Design

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