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Your Living Room with Debby

Learn how to upgrade your living room easily,

quickly, and with minimal investment.
Online workshop for women, with personal support from me.

If you always imagined a beautiful and inviting living room, one that resonates with your way of living;

if you dreamt of entering your apartment and immediately feeling at home;

if you sit on your sofa in the evening, and you feel that the space doesn’t represent you and your family, then please keep reading.

You want a living room where you can feel warmth and comfort.
The problem is that you never had the time or the budget to work with a designer.

You always thought it would be too expensive and time-consuming to deal with.


I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can elevate the design of your living room relatively easily. You can have a comfortable and pleasant space where you will be proud and happy to host friends and family.

We can do it together!

Please join me on a four - hour workshop (2 meetings)
with a limited number of participants who want to add beauty
and aesthetics to their living room.
I will teach you how to upscale your living room colors, which accessories will upgrade your living room design, and how to add your personal touch.  

By the end of the workshop, you will know:

  • Simple ways to add a touch of design to your living room.

  • Color theory: You will master three methods for combining colors harmoniously in your living room and will find out which method is the most suitable for your home. 

  • Ornaments and complementary accessories: You will learn how to select items online that complement your living room without straining your budget.

  • How to create a personalized planning and inspiration board to capture all your design ideas. We will prepare a digital inspiration board.

  • After delving into the theoretical aspects, we'll transition into a practical session where you'll select new colors and complementary items for your living room. I'll provide personalized feedback and guidance to ensure your design choices align with your vision.

  • To get you started on your living room transformation, I'll send you a Google Drive document prior to our workshop. This document will include preparatory questions about your living room and will have space for uploading pictures. By providing this information in advance, I can better understand your unique space and tailor our workshop to address your specific needs.




​* A recording of the workshop so you can review the content whenever it’s convenient for you.

* A PDF booklet with a summary of the topics, examples, and useful links.
* An invitation to a WhatsApp group where I answer your questions

So, what's next? 

The workshop will be held via ZOOM over two sessions

that will each be 2 hours long:

Sunday, November 26th and Sunday, December 3rd,

from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm Israel time

The cost of the workshop is $120 per participant.

For each subscription, I will donate $10 to associations that help soldiers

and civilians in Israel who are in need as a result of the war.

Click on the icon below to pay via PayPal.

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After you finalize your payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link and a Google Drive document with preparatory questions about your living room.

If you are not sure the “Designing Women” workshop is the best fit for you,

feel free to contact me:

What do women who have participated in the "Designing Women" workshop have to say about it?


"I designed a bookcase inspired by Debby's workshop!

I took the idea of ​​the color palette from the workshop and designed a library that would combine the colors.

A Carpenter turned my dreams into reality!"

Miriam Somekh

"I highly recommend Debby's workshop, which was amazing and fun.

It's hard to put into words! Debby helped us a lot!

She directed us to the right stores where we should buy furniture and helped us choose the colors for our living room so that they would fit in with the photos we had."

Nathalie Perlmutter


"Wow. Just wow.

I was in the " Designing Women" workshop and I have to give credit where credit’s due! Starting with the preparation for Debby's workshop, I already felt I had found someone who knew what she was doing.

The workshop was inspiring.

It started with a lecture that really helps you understand where and how to start. It was precise and very professional, with attention to the smallest details.

Then, it was time to get to work.

Debby is full of knowledge and gives many relevant and practical tips. She helped me fulfill my specific needs with sensitivity and wisdom.

Highly recommended!!"

                                                                                      Dorit Greenman

"I signed up for the "Designing Women " workshop because I always wanted more tools to help me design my apartment.

The workshop was nice and pleasant, but also very effective regarding the information we received.

Although the workshop was on Zoom, I didn't feel disconnected in any way. I felt like we were sitting in the same room and studying together.

And the coolest thing is that I received a file with the details of my living room, and I worked on it with Debby during the workshop. It was so effective!

The workshop confirmed several things I had already implemented in the past and gave me some helpful advice for the future."

                                                                                        Rachel Szekeli

What do the women who participated in my other training sessions have to say?

"Debby's workshop was excellent! Her tips helped me a lot during our renovation!"

Ruthie Feder

"Thank you for the professional and enriching lecture. I sat and wrote down quite a few things. Debby, your lecture made it clear to me how professional and serious you are."

Etty Schwarzman

"Debby, thanks for the ideas and the clear presentation – it really encouraged me to get up and start!"

Tammy Levana

"Hi Debby, I really enjoy your materials. Finally, someone is offering a lesson that is not like everyone else, a different point of view."

Hila Gvili

"You always deliver great material! Thank you!"

Anat Ben Gida

Click on the icon below to pay via Paypal

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

After you finalize your payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link and a Google Drive document with preparatory questions about your living room.

If you are not sure the “Designing Women” workshop is the best fit for you,

feel free to contact me:

About me:

My name is Debby Schor Elyasy, and I am an architect specializing in green construction. I have lived and worked in Israel for almost 20 years.

I was born and raised in Italy. I finished my architectural studies there at the Politecnico of Milan (Italy's University of Architecture).

I graduated with high honors and gained international experience in the field of green architecture and in other fields as part of my work in architecture offices in Barcelona, Milan, and Jerusalem.

I specialize in designing private homes, luxury apartments, offices, etc., starting from the first stages of planning to the finishing touches, including handling licensing procedures.

I also provide interior design services and consultation before property acquisition.

​I have always loved teaching.

In the past, I taught drawing and math to high school students in Milan, and in recent years, I have been offering courses and workshops on green construction, architecture, and interior design.

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