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Eight things to check before you hire a contractor in Israel!


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In this short ebook I will show you eight simple actions to do BEFORE you hire a contractor in Israel.
These simple steps will consistetly reduce the risk of being cheated during the works and will make you feel more comfortable about the whole renovation process in Israel.

Some comments from people who read this and other ebooks


I really enjoy your materials, finally a speech that is not like everyone else, a different point of view

                                                                         Hila Gvili, Petah Tikva

Too bad I did not know you before my renovation, sure it would have looked different. The lecture was excellent and focused.

                                                                        Yudit Sugar, Jerusalem

Hello Debbie, we are before renovating the house and read your tips with great interest. We wanted to thank you for all this useful information.

                                                                               Nisim and Aviela                                                                    

Dear Debbie, this is an opportunity to thank you for everything you enlighten us.

We are before renovating the house and thirstily drinking any of your tips. What fun that people like you share their unique knowledge with the public!

                                                                       Akiva and Hadas, Efrat

My name is Debby Schor Elyasy

I was born in Italy, I studied architecture at Politecnico of Milan (Italy)

and I finished my studies with honor.

I fulfilled my childhood dream and immigrated to Israel in 2004. 

Upon arrival, I experienced the frustration and insecurity that you feel when you do not have mastery of the language or a full understanding of the local culture and mentality. 

Over time and thanks to my work as an architect,

I have come to understand the nuances of the mentality, the language, and the building market.

And today, I feel like an Israeli despite being born in Italy, so it is important for me to bridge that gap 

and help you realize your dream of having a home in Israel.


To which email do I send you the eBook?

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