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Are you about to renovate

 an apartment in Israel,

and want to learn more

about the process here?

  • You need an overview of the process in Israel in an easy to understand format in English – with all the information you could need

  • You need to gain knowledge and confidence to renovate your home in Israel.

And so – based on years of experience as an architect in Israel - 

 I built for you an


to show you

"Everything you have to know BEFORE you renovate your apartment in Israel" 

  • The guide is online; it is practical and easy to learn.

  • You can view it in the comfort of your own home whenever is convenient for you.

  • On the website, you will find six modules. Each module has several short videos. Each video lasts a maximum of 7 minutes. For your convenience, you will find PDF downloadable files with written transcripts of the videos.

  • You will also find printable worksheets and checklists to help you implement what you have learned.

  • You can send me questions about the contents, and I will answer you in the Q&A section on the website.

  • The website will be open for you forever!


"In Israel, the most common thing contractors say is:
"Al tidag yhie beseder - Don't warry, everything will be ok!"
and foreigners that are trusting good people tend to believe.
When it's your hard-earned money that is in the middle and your long term living standard,
the only language contractors should understand  is
"My way or No way"
and one way to reach that is to train your mind and knowledge
with this course to reach the best value for your money"
Gai Abraham, Even Yehuda

Module 1


  • We will see which professionals we need during the whole process, how to check their professionalism and how to choose them

  • Architect/Designer: We will learn the differences between the different designers, and we will understand which ones could be suitable for our project. We will see what items should be included in a serious proposal and I will give you some tips to make your choice easier.

  • This knowledge is critical to understand if your designer is professional and qualified.

  • Contractor: We will learn some "technics" to check if the contractor is trustworthy and serious.

  •  We will understand when we need a building engineer, a project manager, and a surveyor.

renovatio in Israel - Debby Schor Elyasy - Englishh speaking architect in Israel


  • A pdf file with all the written transcripts of the videos

  • Worksheet to help you looking for the right architect or designer for your renovation (four checklists to go through, to be sure you find a qualified architect or designer)

  • Checklist to find a reliable contractor based on what we learned


Module 2

BUILDING PERMIT –When you need it and how you can get it

  • We will go over the most common cases that require a building permit (Heter Bnia')

  • We will learn the steps involved in navigating the bureaucracy of obtaining permits in Israel, including the professionals involved in the process.

  • We will see how long it will take and how much in advance you need to start so that the renovation will be on time.

  • We will see how the online licensing system works.




  • A pdf file with all the written transcripts of the videos


Module 3


  • You will learn what kind of plans you need during the whole process and what information should be included in each type of plan.

  • I will show you plans for a real project, so you could easily get used to them now, and everything will be easier after.



  • A pdf file with all the written transcripts of the videos + samples of all the plans taken from a real renovation project.

  • Plans checklist (to be sure you are provided with everything you need)

  • Electrical symbol legend (essential to understand the electric plan and if needed, to ask for changes) with the symbols used in Israel + Hebrew and English terms.


Module 4


  • We will see which materials and systems are available in Israel today, the pros and cons, what the main characteristics of each material are. At the end of the module, I will give you some useful tips for going shopping.

  • We will go through:

- type of internal walls:

- Flooring

- Windows

- Doors

- Heating systems

- air conditioning

- Kitchen countertop, backsplash, and doors. We will see the pros and cons of building a kitchen with a company and with a carpenter.

  • Tips to go shopping

  • Pros and cons of buying abroad



  • A pdf file with all the written transcripts of the videos

Fixing the Roof

Module 5


  • We will learn how long the process should take and how much time each phase of the renovation process lasts and how to organize yourself towards and during each stage.

  • I will give you some useful tips for the works phase




  • A pdf file with all the written transcripts of the videos

  • Worksheet: a wishlist for your renovation, to help you decide what changes you want to do in your home

  • Checklist: The three renovation stages, to help you organize your time during the renovation.


Module 6



  • We will go through the main things to expect when you renovate in Israel and that are unique to Israel.

  • We will see technic issues and management, behavior and money issue

thumbnails for youtube.png


  • A pdf file with all the written transcripts of the videos


Ask your questions on the website and get answers!

Worksheets  and checklists, to better put into practice what you learned

English/ Hebrew and Hebrew/English dictionary of the most used words (about 100 words) in the Renovation field

By request, I will put you in contact with shops, suppliers, and professionals that I know personally and trust.

With explanations of more than 40 terms!

After the course, you will feel comfortable and confident,

you will know how the renovation process is carried out in Israel,

and you will have all the information required to be safe and not being cheated.

"I was surprised to see how clear everything is and how the course gives you a complete view of the renovation process in Israel"
Meni Namdar, Jerusalem
Yal bersnstein kossowsky.jpg
"I would have loved this when I was renovating years ago. Felt like I had no clue what I was doing."
Yal Bernstein Kossowsky, Beth Shemesh
tracey roome.jpg
"This is so exciting! 

Well done for creating such an amazing product."

Tracey Room, Modiin
"Debby covered many aspects
that I wouldn't even have thought of
(for example, the underlay of the flooring SumSum or Sand,
or the various window frames and heating systems available)
so to prepare me getting the most appropriate thing without actually feeling conned."
Gai Abraham, Even Yehuda

Who created the course?

Shalom! My name is Debby Schor Elyasy.

I fulfilled my childhood dream and immigrated to Israel in 2004.
Upon arrival, I experienced the frustration and insecurity that you feel when you do not have mastery of the language or a full understanding of the local culture and mentality. Today I feel like an Israeli despite being born in Italy, so it is important for me to help you realize your dream of having an apartment in Israel.

I am an Italian-Israeli architect with experience in architecture, interior design and green building in architecture offices in Barcelona, ​​Milan, and Jerusalem.

I have an Israeli license in architecture (License No. 117947). My office, founded in 2009, deals with the planning of private homes, luxury apartments, offices, etc., starting from the initial planning stages and moving down to the smallest details, including handling licensing procedures.


In recent years, I have helped dozens of customers from Israel and from abroad successfully plan their home in Israel.
I would be honored to help you get ready for the renovation of your home in Israel!



  • Please fill your name and email in the form, and you will land on a security Paypal page.

  • You can pay through PayPal here, or through paybox, bit, or by a money transfer.

      Call me and I will send you all the details.

  • After you finalize your payment, you will receive a confirmation email (within 24 hours, with your password and the instruction to connect to the website).





I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You are about to spend a lot of money on your renovation and you don’t want to waste it on something that won’t help you.

I’m extremely proud of this course and I know anyone who buys it and uses it will be thrilled with their purchase and receive tons of value.

That’s why I’m offering a 15-day money-back guarantee. I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the course and the time and stress it will save you.

If you’re not happy with it, I will refund your money within 15 days of your purchase.

Need help and have questions?

We're happy to answer any question

you might have

and help you make the wisest choice for you.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-21 at 5.41.23 PM.
"The videos were very instructional. They were all a good length and expressed the information in a clear and concise manner.

I learned a great deal about the different options for materials related to flooring, counters, and cabinets. I also really appreciated hearing about the differences abroad and what to expect.

The information helped me in choosing the materials we will use and I also will definitely use the information about the differences in Israel"

Elana Pepper Maroof, New York
evi reznik.jpg

"I did like how you not only had the video but then everything in writing, plus checklists for every module. 

Very efficient and appealing to all types of learners. 

Chapter 5 was a simple but thorough approach to how you approach a renovation. 

For someone who has never done a renovation before, especially in Israel, it is a great outline of what to do and how important it is to set up a timetable. 

For someone who has done a lot of remodeling as I have--probably at least one remodeling job a year for about 12 years, it's a good review"

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