Renovation in Israel - White and black materials

Hi! Today we are going to speak about one common mistake people do when they renovate or build their home in Israel. The mistake is Including in the contractor's offer the supply of Finishing materials, known as "white materials," in Hebrew "homarim levanim." Construction materials are divided into two categories: black materials (חומרים שחורים) and white materials (חומרים לבנים). Black materials are needed for the construction and are: cement, pipes, mortar, adhesives, plaster, bricks and so on White materials are all the finishing like flooring materials, tiles, sanitary appliances, windows, and doors If the contractor includes in his offer the supply of these materials, he is likely to pr

An interesting solution to divide between the living room and the corridor

Hi! Ttoday we are going to see an interesting idea to divide between the living room and the corridor. Usually, there is a wall between these two spaces. In this project, I destroyed the wall, and in its place, I put a glass – fronted display cabinet, with access both from the corridor and from the living room. The lower part of the cabinet is wooden, and the doors face the corridor. So it becomes a very useful space for any stuff like towels, sheets and whatever. In this project, I added LED to give a dramatic touch to the composition and to illuminate the beautiful objects exposed. This cabinet separates between the two spaces but allows to see through. The corridor is not perceived as a c

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