An apartment in Jerusalem gets a “chic” facelift

The four room apartment is located in a building that was built 40 years ago, in the Old Katamon neighborhood in Jerusalem. I assisted the client from the moment the property was chosen up until the completion of the renovation. The client’s dream was to transform the apartment (which hadn’t been renovated in thirty years) into an elegant and comfortable home, with the goal of renting it to a diplomat. (As known, there are many foreign embassies in the area). The requirements were to: expand the kitchen, expand the guest bathroom and transform it into a unique location, redesign the master bathroom and the bedrooms, design the lighting system so as to light up the dark and windowless are

A colorful and cheerful transformation of a basement in Jerusalem

An area of 20 sqm of unused space was found in a house/small villa in Jerusalem. I assisted my clients, a young American couple, in the transformation of the area into a “home office” for the house owner, that could also be used as a comfortable and inviting guest room. The clients’ dream was to create an area that is elegant, practical and hip at the same time. The requirements were to create a comfortable office area with lots of room for numerous books, an area for the couch/bed, the addition of a bathroom with a shower (which wasn’t there in the initial version) and the design of a lighting system that would solve the lack of natural light issue in an aesthetically pleasing way. Further

The design and expansion of the "Galit Italia" beauty salon

In September 2012, the “Galit Italia” beauty salon was officially inaugurated, along with the shop, offices, makeup school, and wholesale warehouse. The area was designed based on the needs of the clients, focusing on the use of “green” (eco-friendly) elements. During the design phase, I combined bioclimatic elements, such as maximizing the use of natural lighting, the use of led light (known for being particularly efficient) and the use of materials with Energy Performance Certificates. The curved lines add smoothness to the area while creating private areas that are required in Whigs salons, at the same time. For the interior decorating, I picked out the lilac color from the firm’s logo an

Tip: When goods arrive at the apartment

When the goods you choosed arrive at the apartment, there are some important things that we have to check. 1. take the order from the shop and check if everything is there 2. look at the codes written on the order and check that the same numbers are written on the boxes 3. open some boxes and check if there are broken tiles and if they sent you the models you actually ordered Shops usually give one or two weeks to complain and to ask for refund or changes, so it's important to do this check up as soon as you receive the goods. For any question feel free to write me back, I will be happy to help! If you got value from this video, please share it with your friends.

How to choose grout

People usually forget to choose grout, they go shopping and they buy really nice tiles. Then the contractor just put a white or gray grout, that not always fits the color you choose for your tiles. A wrong grout could damage all the final result. And it's really a pity. In this short video, I explain to you how to deal with this important step in your apartment renovation. This is exactly what I do with my clients when I accompany them for stores to choose materials for their renovation. To read more about my service, please click here! For any question feel free to write me back, I will be happy to help! If you got value from this video, please share it with your friends.

The most dangerous mistake people do when they renovate in Israel

The most common and dangerous mistake is inviting a contractor to give a quote before you received a detailed architectural plan In such a situation, the contractor provides a general price quote, according to an estimate of the most expensive work he thinks might be done. You have no way of determining how the contractor came up with this figure, and since there is no list, detailing the cost per specific job, the contractor can always add to the quoted cost, claiming additional costs that were not included in the original offer. What to do? First of all, get the architect to plan with you the desired changes. Request the architect for a detailed plan as well as a list of all the works that

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