Choosing the Air Conditioning System – A case study

One of my clients bought an apartment on paper. The builder gives them preparation for a mini central unit. The system will be installed after they get the keys My clients have two options: to install a mini central unit ((מזגן מיני מרכזי or to upgrade to a VRF system. Let's see the pros and cons of the two options. A mini central unit is a hidden unit that throws air in the rooms (through grids above the doors), in the kitchen, and living. In this option, all the apartment has the same temperature everywhere. This option is relatively cheap. For a five rooms apartment, Israeli brands cost about 25000 NIS. Japanese brands cost about 40000 NIS. The builder does all the preparations (electrici

Video Series - Behind the scenes of my work - How to manage your budget

To download for free the spreadsheet to manage your budget click here: This is the second video of the series "behind the scenes of my work". In this video, I show you how to manage your renovation budget in Israel. Keep watching till the end because I will explain to you how to get a budget spreadsheet I prepared for you and how to work with it. The service I offer includes Planning and designing your apartment in Israel from the initial planning stages until moving day. For more details click here: #propertyinIsrael #renovationinIsrael #EnglishspeakingarchitectinIsrael #luxuryapartmentsinIsrael To watch the other v

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