Tips to save water

💧Saving water💧 Drinking water in Israel is a limited resource, and therefore, saving water is of particular importance in caring for the environment. Additionally, the high cost of water in Israel makes any water savings for the private consumer worthwhile from a financial standpoint. Saving on water needs at home doesn’t require complicated activities or installing expensive systems and can be attained by introducing some simple and relatively inexpensive means. 👉Install water-saving devices on all taps. This way, you’ll save about 30% of your water requirements for your sinks! 👉If you have a garden, take advantage of water runoff from air conditioners to water plants. This wa

About pigeons and air conditioning

The opening that will be covered by the air conditioning grids has been temporarily closed to prevent pigeons from entering the duct during the works. It often happens that this detail is forgotten ... with consequent odors for months deriving from the excrements left by the birds. So, pay attention to this detail!

How to choose colors and materials?

When you go to choose the floor tiles, it is important to combine them with the other furniture in the apartment. For example, you can ask your carpenter for a sample of the material chosen for the kitchen. And after choosing the floor, get yourself cut a piece of tile. It will be useful for you to choose other furniture and colors for the home.

Closed shoes or sandals?

If you want to visit the building site and have a look at how your new apartment is changing, It's extremely important to wear closed shoes! Neither sandals or flip-flop are safe! And if you decide to work with me, it won't be necessary for you to go on-site, because I take care of everything!

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