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In what direction should you place the yard?

The yard's location is determined by several considerations such as landscape, noise, privacy, and more.

But what is the optimal location? To answer this, check when you are free to sit in the yard. Most people come home from work in the afternoon or evening, and if the weather is right, they will want to sit outside. At these hours, the sun is on the southwest or west side, meaning it is relatively low and in summer, it is still very hot and dazzling. If your yard faces this side, you will not be able to sit in it; it will be too hot. A pergola does not solve the problem because the sun is very low, and its rays will penetrate under the pergola. Therefore, if possible, it is advisable to plan the yard in directions other than the west. But, if due to various constraints such as proximity to the main road, noise, or a nice landscape, you will not have a choice, and you should plant trees large enough to block the direct solar radiation. On the other hand, a western courtyard is a great thing in the morning and, of course, in the evening after the sun has set. Most of the wind in Israel blows on the west side, and therefore it is a pleasure to eat breakfast or dinner on this side!

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