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All about Thermal Insulated Windows

The window area and frame are sources of significant heat transfer. The most common material for window frames in Israel is aluminum, and it is not insulated at all. As a result, it gets boiling in summer and freezing in the winter, if you've ever noticed.

A part from not being insulated, the aluminum frame is thick, and it allows a double pane glass of just 5 or 6 mm width.

Today, there are window frames on the market made of materials like PVC or wood combined with aluminum that offer an excellent level of insulation (ten times better than that of standard aluminum).

These frames are wider than the aluminum ones and allow a double pane glass of 16 cm width.

The insulation level of a double-glazed window is directly connected to the space between the two glasses. So it's easy to understand that an interspace of 16 centimeters is much better than just five or six.

The companies selling these windows are responsible for assembly and provide extended warranties.

After changing the windows, savings on heating and cooling expenses could be up to 40%!

Another type of insulated frame is the Thermal break aluminum window – Halon Aluminium im hituh termi.

The thermal break is a continuous barrier between the inside and outside window frames that prevent conductive thermal energy loss.


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