Pantone, Nirlat and Tambour color of the year 2019

Today we will discover the color of the year 2019 chosen by Pantone. I will also show you the colors chosen by the Israeli brands Tambour and Nirlat. Which color do you prefer? Write me below the video! For any question, feel free to contact me:

Building in Israel - How to schedule an appointment at Iriat Yerushalaim

New things are happening in Jerusalem! If you need information from the Mahleket Meida (Information Department), you can schedule your appointment just with a click! In this video, I will show you how to do that (it's super simple, even if the website is in Hebrew) and in which case do you need to go to the Mahleket Meida. For any question, feel free to contact me: Leave a comment or a question below:

Renovation in Israel | Backsplash materials available in Israel

In this video, we will have a look at backsplash materials. In Hebrew, the backsplash is hipui kir mitbah. There are many choices of backsplash materials available on the market in Israel. What you choose depends on your budget requirements, aesthetics, and style. We will see the most commonly used materials in Israel: Ceramic or Porcelain tiles are very easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. Porcelain tile is the most common material used in the backsplash. There is a wide choice of models, shapes, colors, and textures, and it is not expensive. Glass tiles: Glass has become a very popular choice as well. There are many styles, colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Glass is easy

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