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A wishlist for your renovation

Today I’d like to talk to you about the first thing you should do before consulting with an architect.

It’s what I call “a wish list”!

I suggest you find a peaceful and quiet moment, perhaps with a nice and warm drink, and take a seat to write down what your dreams and wishes are regarding your new house.

In this stage, don’t think about your budget, let your imagination soar.

Only at a later point in time, organize your wishes in order of importance and create a new list indicating your top ten most urgent and important desires.

Often, when an apartment gets renovated, it’s not always possible to accomplish everything immediately.

It will, therefore, be essential to decide beforehand what to perform immediately and what to postpone for the future.

Advice: work that involves demolitions and dirt

(like the substitution of pavements, pipes, etc.) should be carried out right away.

Further improvements such as covering a wall with decorative brick cladding can be postponed.

The drafting of a wishlist is especially useful when we’re not the only ones that have to decide on the changes to be made to our apartment.

In this case, I recommend everyone to draft a list on his/her own and to involve others only later, after having arranged everything in order of priority.

The purpose will naturally be to come up with a unique list that everyone will approve!

Enjoy your work!

For any question, feel free to contact me:

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