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The Construction Industry Amidst War and Economic Turmoil

Today's guest is Haim Briskin, CEO of Hi-tech Windows. He will give us an overview on the construction world during the war.

The construction industry has become a significant casualty of the ongoing war, suffering from the broader economic impacts and grappling with disruptions caused by recruitment into reserves.

The reliance on an Arab workforce has dealt a severe blow, bringing construction activities across the country to a virtual standstill and resulting in substantial project delays.

The repercussions extend to individuals who invested in properties off-plan, facing financial losses. Moreover, the financial stability of contractors and entrepreneurs is at risk, with some facing the possibility of not surviving the downturn.

The renovation sector is similarly affected, with a scarcity of available artisans.

Securing the services of a reliable renovation contractor is challenging, and attempting to negotiate prices or prolong decisions may lead to losing the contractor to another client.

Given the current difficulty in finding trustworthy and skilled contractors, it is advisable to enlist the expertise of professionals such as architects or construction inspectors to oversee projects.

Making decisions and finalizing contracts promptly can prevent the risk of contractors being engaged in other projects before yours.

Anticipated high prices for sea transportation from the Far East, driven by seal attacks on ships bound for Israel, pose additional challenges.

To avoid these aggressive encounters, ships from China are compelled to take longer routes, circumventing Africa and extending voyage durations by 3-4 weeks.

However, the current low euro-to-shekel exchange rate mitigates the cost difference between quality European products and lower-quality options from the Far East.

This allows consumers to opt for superior products without a significant price gap. Fortunately, the impact of the war on delivery times from Europe remains relatively insignificant.

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