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The most dangerous mistake people do when they renovate in Israel

The most common and dangerous mistake is inviting a contractor to give a quote before you received a detailed architectural plan

In such a situation, the contractor provides a general price quote, according to an estimate of the most expensive work he thinks might be done.

You have no way of determining how the contractor came up with this figure, and since there is no list, detailing the cost per specific job, the contractor can always add to the quoted cost, claiming additional costs that were not included in the original offer.

What to do? First of all, get the architect to plan with you the desired changes. Request the architect for a detailed plan as well as a list of all the works that should be done and only then, proceed to invite a contractor in.

This way, the contractor will give you an exact cost per task. You can see now a sample of the list of works.

This way it will be easy to compare with different quotes because every contractor receives the same list. And more, if during the works you need to make changes it will be easy to know the price. You will just have to check the contractor quote.

A tip: an architect should do the works and the material list. Even if you speak Hebrew fluently, don't do it yourself. You can risk missing important points.

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