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A colorful and cheerful transformation of a basement in Jerusalem

An area of 20 sqm of unused space was found in a house/small villa in Jerusalem.

I assisted my clients, a young American couple, in the transformation of the area into a “home office” for the house owner, that could also be used as a comfortable and inviting guest room.

The clients’ dream was to create an area that is elegant, practical and hip at the same time. The requirements were to create a comfortable office area with lots of room for numerous books, an area for the couch/bed, the addition of a bathroom with a shower (which wasn’t there in the initial version) and the design of a lighting system that would solve the lack of natural light issue in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Furthermore, as new “olim” who were not familiar with the israeli renovation market, it was important for them to receive assistance and consultation, especially while dealing with different suppliers and workers, to feel safe and in control of the situation.

The bathroom was placed near the entrance. Thanks to the curved wall, space is optimally used, and it enables the ushering of a visitor from the entry to the office.

Here’s how I managed to make my clients’ dream come true:

The cheerful atmosphere is immediately noticeable: there are four cubic lamps above the sofa, each a different color, that are coordinated with the decorative cushions and the coffee tables.

An apple green wall with plasterboard niches for the books is the background of the office located at the end of the room. The bathroom recaptures the shades of colors of the office with square tiles of different colors, which create a unique tessellation.

As seen in the video, the clients are very satisfied, and I also had a delightful experience. Their good taste and their willingness to approve my ideas allowed me to obtain excellent results.

Carpentry: Intersystem

Coffee Tables: Ikea

Sofa and cushions: Aminach

Lamps: Cabasso, Mahsanei Teora'

Sanitaryware and tiles: Elitzur Topolsky

Contractor: Ronko Bnia ve Shiputzim

For any question feel free to write me back, I will be happy to help!

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