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The design and expansion of the "Galit Italia" beauty salon

In September 2012, the “Galit Italia” beauty salon was officially inaugurated, along with the shop, offices, makeup school, and wholesale warehouse.

The area was designed based on the needs of the clients, focusing on the use of “green” (eco-friendly) elements.

During the design phase, I combined bioclimatic elements, such as maximizing the use of natural lighting, the use of led light (known for being particularly efficient) and the use of materials with Energy Performance Certificates.

The curved lines add smoothness to the area while creating private areas that are required in Whigs salons, at the same time.

For the interior decorating, I picked out the lilac color from the firm’s logo and created a relaxing and pleasant area for both the clients and the employees.

The greatest challenge was designing and finalizing the project in only two weeks, during which the salon was closed for holidays!

“Customers who see the renovated salon for the first time are blown away! They’re all in seventh heaven!”, says one of the beauticians who works at the salon.

For any question feel free to write me back, I will be happy to help!

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