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How to renovate your home in Israel without getting mad - 10 Tips

How to renovate in Israel without getting mad

How exciting! You have decided to renovate a house or apartment in Israel! The refurbishing process can often be time-consuming, tiring and stressful. In my work with people from other countries, I noticed that they were so frightened to renovate an apartment in Israel or to build a house if they didn't speak Hebrew fluently or even if they lived abroad. As someone who grew up in Italy and made Alyia to Israel years ago, I can understand how the difference in the mentality and attitude here in Israel can create obstacles in the communication and in the peace of mind of new Olim who come to Israel. I bridge this gap for them, and make the building or renovating experience in Israel, smooth and easy. In this short guide, I will give you some useful tips, so that that the renovation will be an enjoyable experience and not just a stressful one.

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