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A comprehensive villa renovation in Jerusalem’s Diskin Compound

The Villa has 2 floors. On the ground floor, there was a foyer and a small bathroom. The upper floor contained 3 bedrooms, the living room and the dining room, the kitchen, two bathrooms, and a large terrace.

The villa was owned by an Italian-Belgian couple who used it as a holiday home. Having made Aliya, they decided to transform the villa to make it more comfortable and better suited to their needs.

The customers wished to add an elevator and create a home office on the ground floor, renovate the kitchen to make better use of the space, redesign the living room and the dining room, and create space to extend the dining table to up to 5 meters.

I upgraded the apartment's look and gave it an elegant and comfortable feel.

I added an elevator and made some changes in the floor to accommodate it.

A small but comfortable office now takes up part of the foyer and new LED lighting hidden in the handrail illuminates the stairs.

On the upper floor, a white "mashrabiya" partition separates the back of the elevator from the dining room. The same pattern used in the mashrabiya is used in the stairwell’s glass balustrades and the tv cabinet.

The kitchen is grey with touches of orange. The countertop and backsplash are made of Caesar Stone. Following the fashion in Italy, the kitchen is enclosed.

Even if it may not be considered especially large, it has sufficient room for everything: two separate sinks, two dishwashers, a five flame stove, a double side-by-side fridge, and two ovens. There is even a small pull-out table, which is useful when there are no guests and the couple wants to eat in the kitchen.

I switched the dining table’s location with that of the couch to give the option of extending the table when all the family is together. Near the dining table, I designed a wooden and white bookcase that includes storage space at the bottom, and at the top has a combination of open shelves for books, shelves with glass doors to display silver items, and closed cubes.

The Master Bedroom is now a bit smaller than before. The walk-in closet that was previously there was removed to allow the space to become part of a large guest room. In its place, I designed a wide wardrobe.

The bathrooms have been completely renovated and are now accessible.

A comfortable shower has taken the place of the bathtub, and I added two niches for soaps and other toiletries in the master bedroom’s ensuite bathroom.

Much emphasis was placed on lighting design. In the living room, curled Italian crystal light fixtures add a chic touch of class to the ambiance and some spots below the air conditioning beam combine to create mood lighting.

When my clients saw the apartment after the renovation, they were very happy and satisfied!

The design experience was incredible. The clients’ taste and openness to my ideas allowed the work to flow and we were able to achieve very impressive results both in terms of design and execution.

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