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Buying a secondhand apartment below the roof

Buying an apartment on the floor directly below the roof can be tricky for many reasons.

First, if the roof is not very well insulated, and in most cases, it isn't,

the apartment will be very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer.

The roof receives much more solar radiation than the western and southern facades.

The second issue is the sealing.

If the sealing is old or not done correctly, there will probably be leaks.

poor connection of less than one centimeter where the a/c pipes exist on the roof, is enough to introduce water between the concrete and the sealant.

Then the water will "stroll" on the concrete until it finds a hole . . .

The main problem is that the roof usually belongs to all the tenants.

And the people who live on the other floors don't want to spend money on the roof. So, they usually choose the cheaper option when issues arise with the obvious result that the sealant doesn't last. If you like an apartment on the highest floor,

I warmly suggest you calculate in your budget a sum to redo both the insulation and the sealing of the roof. Even if there is another apartment on that floor, and they are not interested in this work,

I would do it myself. You can't seal only a part of the roof; the work should be done on the entire surface.


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