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Eight ways to maintain good relations with neighbors while renovating

How exciting!

The renovation works are almost starting! You are about to build the house of your dreams in Israel! But… your neighbors won't share the excitement with you; on the contrary, they will suffer from the noise, dirt, and clutter in the building.

To avoid unnecessary conflicts and maintain good neighborly relations, try to reduce the damage to neighbors as much as possible.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Post an announcement at the entrance

The first thing to do is to hang up an ad apologizing in advance for the inconvenience caused by the renovation.

The ad must include the following elements:

- Your full name

- The number of the apartment where the work will be carried out

- The approximate duration of the works

- Your apologies for the inconvenience caused

- Your telephone number and that of the company

2. Clean the common areas at the end of each working day

Go every day with a garbage bag and a rag in the stairwell, elevator, and hall.

I agree, it is not pleasant, but it is even more unpleasant for the neighbors who return home and find dust and remains of cardboard scattered throughout the building ...

Remember: even if there is a cleaner in the building, it is not his job to clean the extra dirt created due to your renovation.

3. Make sure workers pay attention…

In addition to cleaning, talk to the contractor before starting work and explain to him how important it is to you that the workers behave respectfully towards the other tenants and that they try to clean up after them.

4. Protect the elevator

Ask the contractor to put (or arrange for) cardboard on the elevator floor. You can ask for used boxes at the supermarket, open them, and put them on the floor. This simple operation will prevent damage, scratches, and breakage of the floor inside the elevator.

5. Don't "steal" parking places from neighbors

A known situation is that the construction waste container is "parked" at the entrance to the building and occupies at least two parking spaces of the neighbors.

If there are no other options, talk to the neighbors first and not forget to bring a box of chocolates with a nice note.

6. Safety !!!

Before signing the contract, check that the contractor adheres to the safety regulations. The waste must be discharged only through a closed sleeve directly into the container or manually. It is forbidden (even if unfortunately it happens) to throw objects such as parts of doors, frames, glass, and anything else from the windows.

7. Inform in advance of temporary disconnection of electricity and water

If you need to disconnect electricity and water temporarily, hang a notice at the entrance to the building. Make sure you hang it up early enough so that tenants can prepare accordingly and not be out of water or electricity suddenly

8. Show empathy

Do not forget that it is difficult for the neighbors; they suffer. Think about how you would react if you were in their place and try to understand them, be kind, and remind them that this is a temporary period that will pass ...

Is the renovation finished? Be sure to invite the neighbors for coffee and cake in the new apartment!

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