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I felt like my customers feel

I said this to my son Yair who asked me perplexed what I was referring to.

"I have no idea whether they are cheating us or not and I do not know what to do," I answered him.

Yair is preparing for his Bar Mitzvah, and at the party,

he would like to play with his brothers and sister a piece that he likes since he was a small child.

We have been advised to contact a professional musician to help us adapt the piece to the instruments that the children play and the price we received seems us astronomical.

Not being musicians we are not able to know if the price is right,

or if it has been "inflated" since we are Italians

and it is believed that all foreigners are easy to cheat.

For a moment I thought the explanations they gave us were quite convincing.

Then, however, the doubts began to appear...

I felt lost and without knowing what to do and whom to listen to.

I do not want to make the figure of the miser who saves for the Bar Mitzvah of her son.

And just at that moment of insecurity and almost panic, I thought "my customers certainly feel the same way..."

How many times those who renovate or build in Israel,

find themselves receiving quotes and offers

and have no idea if the price requested is realistic or if it is inflated.

And if you ask too many questions, you're afraid of being taken for stupid or stingy.

If you don't ask anything and pay, you remain with the doubt of having payed too much.

I understand exactly how you probably feel

and I know how to help you because I know the Israeli construction market in depth,

I can recognize a serious estimate from one done to cheat the inexperienced foreigner.

I speak Hebrew perfectly and know all the terms of the Israeli building market.

I work only with honest professionals and suppliers, whom I have known for a long time and can trust.

If you are going to renovate or build a house in Israel, I will be happy to help you in all phases of the project until the end.

Neither doubts nor fears will assail you.

You can live this period in complete tranquility!

Contact me for any clarification request.


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