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TIPS to choosing the RIGHT LIGHTS for your home + FREE Worksheet

I am so excited because in this video in honor of Hanukkah I will give you some tips and ideas to consider when planning your lighting needs for each room in your home.

Tip no 1:

  1. Decide what your lighting goals are: Task lighting for example is focused on the space you are using to work. Ambient or indirect lighting is used for ambiance and for overall lighting of a space.

For each room in your home decide a mood you want to set, as well as a function you want your lighting to serve and write everything down.

Tip no.2

  1. Make sure to size the decorative fixture to the space and make sure the size proportions are correct. Before going shopping, take all the measurements of your apartment and take pictures. Bring everything to the shop. It will help you in choosing the most appropriate lighting options for your home.

Tip no.3

  1. Inside your home use multiple light sources for one space: For rooms like the kitchen, bedrooms, and living spaces, multiple light sources will help you achieve a variety of functions and activities in that space. In the kitchen, for example, under counter lights can provide great task lighting.

Tip no.4

  1. Consider that any light fixture will have two personalities, lit and unlit. So when you are in the shop, ask to turn the lights on and off so you can see the difference.

And now download the free worksheet I created for you to help you organize all the information you need to remember when you are going shopping. The link is below. Check it out because it is really helpful!

I will see you in the next video!

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