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Turning Vision into Reality: Transforming a Bet Shemesh Property

When Tybee and Pesach bought this property in Bet Shemesh, they soon realized that it had a lot of potential but needed a massive undertaking to modernize it and adapt it to their needs.

The apartment is one level and has a large yard.

The main changes have been made to the kitchen and bedroom layouts.

Originally, the kitchen was enclosed, pretty small, and dark.

I opened it on the side of the corridor and created a sort of “passage” kitchen, which serves as a separation between the entrance and the living room.

When you enter the kitchen, there are high cabinets, along with the pantry and the fridge of the same height, on the right.

On the other side, where there is more space and natural light, there are base cupboards and upper cabinets.

There is a small island between these two areas, useful for light meals and food preparation.

A big opening connects the kitchen with the living room.

The doors are “sugar paper blue” with moldings typical of the country style.

We selected handles and lighting fixtures that go perfectly with the color and style of the kitchen.

For the countertop and the backsplash, we chose a premium model of Caesar Stone that makes the kitchen both elegant and easy to clean.

At the entrance, I created a niche for a netilat yadaim sink. The sink is a blue glass cup laid on a marble surface. White and blue tiles surround a high mirror, and it’s lighted by a crystal lamp imported from Czechia.

I completely redesigned the bedroom area layout and created two en-suites—one for the girls’ room and one master bedroom with a comfortable bathroom and a walk-in closet.



Another bathroom will serve the boys’ room.

Each bathroom has been characterized differently. For example, the master bedroom bathroom is elegant and chic with its grey fishbone tiles.

The girls' bathroom is young and happy with pink and grey tiles.

For the boys’ bathroom, we selected blue subway tiles.

We created a sort of passage family room between the living room and the bedrooms where kids can play, read, and store their books and toys.

The floor is made with lookalike parquet tiles that give a touch of country style, remaining practical and easy to clean.

There is a big private yard surrounding the house.

I designed it to create a nice area for playing basketball and a place for eating and relaxing.

For Tybee, seeing the finished apartment was very emotional. "To see everything come together, to see all the colors, the floor, everything we picked out just come alive was a beautiful experience."

Tiles: Oz Ceramic, Jerusalem

Contractor: Ronco Bnia veShiputzim

Carpenter: Victor Rubinstein

Countertop: Shaish Nofim

Outdoor furniture: Green

Lighting: Cabasso

Pictures: Noya Shilony Haviv


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