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Upgrade ideas towards Pesach

Purim is over, and Pesach is coming.

Besides cleaning and decluttering, many of us are probably interested in giving a new and fresh touch to their home.

Here you have some ideas:


Is the entrance to your apartment narrow? To give a feeling of a more extensive space, consider hanging a big mirror. You can see a sample in the picture below.

Another way to upgrade your entrance is to paint one wall with special effects or to paste an adhesive.


To upgrade your living room with almost no effort: - Use color to emphasize existing elements such as niches or background walls. To add even more style, consider adding a wallpaper. As you can see in the pictures, I painted the niches' background, and I choose a wallpaper with the same color for the wall.

- One of the most effective ways to freshen a room is through lighting.

Proper layering of light can enhance color and ambiance. You can add a chandelier and a lamp on a side table to achieve different levels of light.

Here you have some tips to help you choose the most suitable chandelier. 1. Check if your ceiling is high enough First of all, you need to ensure that your ceiling is high enough to accommodate the chandelier. If your ceiling is too low from the ground, you can look for small lights that will look best for low ceiling living rooms.

2. Consider the size and shape of your living room Table The chandelier that you will choose must compliment with the furniture in your living room and most especially the center table. Therefore, consider the size and shape of the table that is in your living room, especially the one in the middle.

3. Think of the shape and the design The design of the chandelier is something that you need to think about. Would you prefer a traditional or classic design or perhaps, you want an innovative design?

4. Do some homework before you go shopping and find out the Latest Chandelier Trends Search the web for information on the newest trend on chandelier designs.

If the lighting in your kitchen is dim or you hate the overhead fixture, change it! Switching out an overhead light fixture is much more comfortable than it sounds. It does not have to be super expensive, either. Consider adding under-cabinet lighting! Your kitchen will be more functional and workable!


An excellent idea to refresh your bedroom is to add wallpaper. It will bring romance, serenity, and style into your life, and make the room special. I suggest to put it on the wall behind the bed. You can be inspired with galleries on various websites in Israel and abroad.

Have you ever dreamt of a soft headboard? You can have one now, no need to change your bed. Ask your carpenter to build a wooden panel of the right measures and go to an upholsterer to make the upholstery.


Here you have some ideas to upgrade your balcony:

1. Paint one wall with the color you love

2. Consider changing the light

3. Buy new tables and chairs!

The atmosphere will completely change!

Do you like my tips?

You are welcome to post other ideas!

Fo any further question, or to schedule an appointment contact me:



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