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Country-style cabinets | Options available

Do you like a country-style kitchen?

The options available for Country Style Kitchens are:

- Thermofoil is a surface finish applied to cabinets by multiple manufacturers.

It is a plastic material which is thermoformed to the profile of an underlying engineered wood core such as medium-density fiberboard.

In Hebrew, it is called Polymer. There are two firms in Israel: Formex and Averbuch. The problem with this material is that as time goes on, it can bubble or peel next to the oven and with water.

These companies give 5 or 8 years of warranty that for a kitchen it's not enough. They know that the material is not durable and won't last more than a few years. If you choose thermofoil cabinets, consider that if you have to change the doors, you will need to pay for it. And who knows if in 5 years you will find the same color.

- MDF + color (in Hebrew shleiflack). This option is stronger than the previous one. It doesn't peel next to the oven, but it is sensitive to scratches, and it should be cleaned carefully. It is more expensive than Polymer.

- Wooden frame + plywood and venire is very durable, and it is the most expensive option available. This option is useful only if you want to see the natural wooden texture; otherwise, painted wood is less durable than MDF painted.


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