The items that should be included in the architect's cost estimate

Today we’re going to talk about what items should be included in an architect’s cost estimate, for it to be thorough, so that it includes everything needed to guarantee to obtain the ideal house of our dreams at the end of the works. So first of all, the cost estimate needs to include the preliminary design, in other words, the first draft design ideas. It needs to contain the architectural survey, the apartment measurements “as is”, and the demonstration of a series of sketches with different design options. It is fundamental to specify how many options you will receive. Some architects provide one option, and there are others who provide more. I usually give two or three. These sketches ca

How to choose the right designer

Today we’re going to talk about how to distinguish different types of designers, according to their expertise, their skills, and their knowledge. First of all, there are architects. In Israel, an architect is called an “Adrihal,” a person who has studied at university in Israel or abroad, who has a degree. An architect can design a building from scratch as well as the interior and also handles the interior architecture. There are differences also among architects. Some architects are licensed (qualified) and others who aren’t. A licensed architect in Hebrew is called “adrihal rashui,” who has completed a 3-year internship and has passed an exam. This is fundamental because there are a seri

Natural ventilation in Israel

Vernacular architecture employs methods that utilize natural ventilation for cooling purposes during the hot season. Green architecture adopted some of these ideas to improve comfort and to save energy. Natural ventilation can be used for multiple purposes: To cool the body: when we are hot inside a room, air flow makes us feel as if the temperature in the room is significantly lower than it is. To cool the house itself For night cooling: night cooling uses the lower external temperatures at night to reduce the temperature of the building fabric (which absorbed heat during the day), using automatic ventilation devices. The cooled thermal mass of the building is used the next day to reduce in

Building green in Israel

Lately, in Israel, we hear more and more often about so-called “green architecture.” But what does this term mean exactly? Can it be applied to all types of buildings or is it something exotic and “organic”? Is it true that a house built according to the principles of green architecture is more expensive than a “normal” one? And are restorations possible using these principles? I will answer all these questions (and more...) in a series of articles on green architecture. Green, or better said, “bioclimatic” building refers to planning and building principles that allow us to construct a house which saves energies such as gas, electricity, and fuel and maximizes the use of renewable energy r

A wishlist for your renovation

Today I’d like to talk to you about the first thing you should do before consulting with an architect. It’s what I call “a wish list”! I suggest you find a peaceful and quiet moment, perhaps with a nice and warm drink, and take a seat to write down what your dreams and wishes are regarding your new house. In this stage, don’t think about your budget, let your imagination soar. Only at a later point in time, organize your wishes in order of importance and create a new list indicating your top ten most urgent and important desires. Often, when an apartment gets renovated, it’s not always possible to accomplish everything immediately. It will, therefore, be essential to decide beforehand what t

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