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Video Series - Behind the scenes of my work - How to manage your budget

To download for free the spreadsheet to manage your budget click here:

This is the second video of the series "behind the scenes of my work".

In this video, I show you how to manage your renovation budget in Israel.

Keep watching till the end because I will explain to you how to get a budget spreadsheet I prepared for you and how to work with it.

To watch the other videos of the series click on the links below:

Video 2What are the budget elements that need to be taken into consideration when renovating: This is the video you are watching now!

Video 4 - What plans I prepare for contractors, so that they know how to perform the works:

Video 6 - Supervision of the site during the renovation: how I make sure that the contractor performs the work according to the plan you have approved and works well:

Video 7 - How I protect my clients' interests during our work together:

The service I offer includes Planning and designing your apartment in Israel from the initial planning stages until moving day.

For more details click here:


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