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A Gym for a High School in Jerusalem

This project involved a gym in a Jerusalem High School.

The idea was to implement an interior design in the gym that would establish a fitness facility to enhance the wellness experience and improve the students' quality of life.

A clever use of materials and lighting, the floor layout details, and the language of color all work together to maximize the students' experience.

The space was initially divided into two rooms that were used for computer lessons.

The client requested that the wall between the two rooms be removed in order to create a bigger space with room for the fitness equipment, locker rooms, and the instructor’s desk.

A successful gym design concept requires particular attention to space arrangement. Each space and its users have unique needs; therefore, each design scheme should provide the best possible environment in terms of functionality, safety, and comfort.

We choose to work with curved lines, different floor colors, and lights to delimit the areas of the various activities.

A touch of blue gives continuity to the space. The specific hue used is fresh and young and helps to create a calm and tranquil environment that helps children recover energy during long school days.


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