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Designing at a Distance: Debby's Journey to Create Elizabeth's Ideal Home

Elizabeth called me about two years ago.

Once her son and his family decided to make Aliyah from the States, she bought an apartment on paper in Carmei Gat to be closer to them.

The layout offered by the builder was not ideal for Elizabeth, so my friend and colleague Giordana and I helped her change the plans and adapt them to her needs.

The builder's plan

Our proposal

These changes were possible because the building was in the very early stages of construction.

We made the kitchen bigger, added a peninsula, and created a niche in the entrance for a wardrobe.

We changed the configuration of the bedrooms and created a comfortable den where the kids could play and watch tv.

Elizabeth was concerned because she could not come to Israel to choose all the materials for her new apartment in person. But unfortunately, this was the case for many people who renovated apartments in Israel during the Covid-19 pandemic. So I went shopping for her, selected all the materials, sent her pictures and videos, and helped her choose the materials that best suited her style.

Later on, we worked together to select all the furniture and lighting for the apartment.

Finally, when Elizabeth arrived in Israel, everything was done, and the apartment was almost finished.

Now a few words about interior design!

Elizabeth wanted an elegant home with a country-style touch. We chose greyish floors and a grey wooden kitchen with a dark grey marble Caesar stone for the countertop and the backsplash.

Grey barstools go nicely with the grey molding in the living room. The pearl grey couches and two floral rust armchairs add a delicate touch of country style.

The grey dining table matches the kitchen cabinets, and the rust chairs match the pillows and the armchairs. The golden lighting, coffee tables, and mirror frames add a touch of chic to the ambiance.

We made two accent walls, one in the living room and one in the den, with a grey molding that matches the kitchen colors and gives that country-style atmosphere that Elizabeth dreamt of.

The dominant color in the den is black, with wooden touches in the breakfront and the light fixtures.

Elizabeth made Aliyah and is now living in her new home! Elizabeth said, "As soon as I arrived at the airport, my son and daughter-in-law brought me here, and we walked through. It was so exciting! It is beautiful! And it's beautiful because of Debby".

Tiles: Oz Ceramic Carpenter: Victor Rubinstein Countertop and backsplash: Shaish Nofim Couches and coffee tables: Wissman Armchairs: Wissman Dining table, chairs, and barstools: Zaga Lighting: Cabasso Curtains: Regal

Pictures: Noya Shiloni Haviv


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