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Renovation in Israel - some differences from abroad

The idea of this video comes from one of my clients who lives in London.

She bought an apartment here in Jerusalem, and she is renovating it.

She pointed out to me that there are some factors that people who live in cold climate abroad, don't expect to find here in Israel because they are not used to them.

One of these things is that even if they come from a place with a low temperature in the winter, houses are very well insulated and heated abroad, and when they arrive in Israel, the winter in certain cities like Jerusalem, the Golan Heights could be very cold but houses are not well heated and insulated. The central heating in the building is not enough, and if you are not aware of this before, you won't think about improving the existing heating and insulation.

Another thing is hot water.

In Israel most houses have a solar water heater with an electric boiler. Before Shabbat when all the family members take a shower one after the other, at times the water in the boiler is not enough, and there is not enough hot water for all the family. Often people who come from abroad don't know about this problem and don't know solutions available to solve it.

Another issue is mosquitos and flies. You have to put mosquito nets to all the windows if you don't want to suffer from insects inside your home, even if in other places around the world you don't have to do that.

Another thing is sand and dust. There is a lot of dust in Israel. Carpets from wall to wall and rugs are a terrible idea here, unless you will want to clean everyday nonstop. Some people didn't know that and found themselves with something very uncomfortable.

If you are aware of other factors that are not present in the place from where you come from, share them here below in th comments.


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