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Sharing an apartment renovation in Rehovot

Ariella and Daniel bought this property in Rehovot about two years ago. The house was about 25 years old, had hardly been touched, and needed a massive renovation to modernize it and make it livable.

The house is organized into three primary levels. The entrance, kitchen, living and dining room, and playroom are on the ground floor.

Upstairs there are three bedrooms, and downstairs there is a basement.

Initially, there was a tiny powder room near the entrance with a non-organized space for coats.

I removed the bathroom and designed a big entrance closet for coats, bags, shoes, and cleaning materials.

The kitchen is enclosed in a well-defined space.

All the kitchen cabinets are on the right side of the area.

I put a dining table with a bench in the middle, set apart from the living room by a semi-transparent separation called a mashrabiya.

The mashrabiya simultaneously connects and separates the kitchen and the living room.

The doors are “sugar paper blue” and are smooth, typical of the modern style. In addition, I selected handles and lighting fixtures that go perfectly with the color and style of the kitchen.

The handles are integrated stainless steel, providing a clean and light effect.

For the countertop, I chose a premium model of Silestone that makes the kitchen both elegant and easy to clean.

The lighting fixtures are neutral and clean and blend in with the ceiling color. For the backsplash, we chose small white brick tiles that would not necessarily be considered “modern,” but they suited the warmer style that our client wanted.

This contrast produced a stunning result!

I opened the wall with two windows with fixed glass to connect the playroom with the living room.

Upstairs, we slightly modified the master bedroom to create a bigger bathroom and a laundry room.

The bathroom is soft and elegant, with hexagonal blueish tiles that decorate the shower wall and the floor.

The vanity is the same blue and, together with three cylinderslighting spots on the ceiling, complete the composition.

Downstairs, we turned the basement into a comfortable unit for guests.

I added a kitchenette and redid the bathroom.

Thanks to two folding walls, the main room can easily be turned into a living room or a bedroom.

We replaced the old-fashioned fence with a modern one.

The floors on the ground floor are grey, while we opted for a parquet for the other floors and the stairs.

Since the climate in Rehovot is very hot, we changed all the old aluminum window frames with UPVC frames. This significantly improved the insulation of the house.

There is a big private yard around the house.

I designed it to create a nice area for playing basketball, a space for eating and relaxing, and a lot of grass and flowers.

Ariella and Daniel recently made Aliyah, and this is their first property in Israel.

As Ariella said, for them it’s a very emotional and meaningful experience, and “it so beautiful and perfect and really everything that we could have dreamed of.”

Tiles: Zehavi Azmon

Contractor: Ronco Bnia veShiputzim Carpenter: Victor Rubinstein Countertop: Shaish Nofim Couches and coffee table: Italsofa Kitchen table: Rosetto Lighting: Cabasso Windows: Hi-Tech Windows Curtains: Regal


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